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31 Days to Finding Balance

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 - It's All Up To You

Here it is, the last post of my 31 day journey. (still can't believe I actually blogged for 31 days straight!!)

What I've learned along the way is.....there is no wrong way, no right way, no two people find balance in the same way! Do we ever truly find balance...I'm not sure. We just keep going! As long as we keep trying, and giving it our all we are bound to make it through!

To my friend Luz who invited me to join her on this journey, we've never met in person, but I love her like she lives next door to me and I've known her forever!! (someday we will meet, I'm sure of it!!). Thanks for the journey my friend!! Much Love!!


1 comment:

cinnibonbon said...

Thanks sweets!!!
You are wonderful for doing this with me---we did it baby!!!!!
Pat on the back to us.....

Yeah I learned that it doesn't matter how people do things, or what they wish you would do, I choose to do things my way and if it's taken me a bit longer to adjust. Hon, I hope you keep blogging on a semi-regular basis-this was work but I lot fun!!! Thanks again