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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 24 - Get Enough Rest

Do you notice how your day is soooo much better when you've had a good nights rest? You get more done and you are in a better mood.

I am notoriuous for not getting enough sleep! I crawled in bed way early for me last night, didn't even watch Monday Night Football (that is just not me)!! I was just plain tired!

They say at least 8 hours a night, well I got that and more last night!! It happens about once a month where I finally give in, and it just feels good!!!

Here's to getting 8 hours each night!!!


(another late post....stay tuned for another later today)

1 comment:

cinnibonbon said...

I'm luck to 2-3 hours. I wish for nothing more than to get the proper rest my body need. I had a sleep study done awhile back and they deterimed I need 13 hours a night to recoop. Well shit..where am I going to find 13 hours???