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31 Days to Finding Balance

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25 - Love Yourself

When you completely respect the person you are, and when you are true to your inner word, balance will be a normal part of your entire life.
You must be true to yourself and love who you are "today." You are the person you are, and regardless of what others may tell you or what you may think others think about you, up until this very moment, you have defined exactly who you are. Good, bad or indifferent, you are the person you are and you should love that person deeply. It doesn't mean you have to stay this way; it just means you recognize the "you" you really are and that you are in harmony with who that person is right now. This is a huge step towards finding inner balance.
Couldn't have said it better myself!! You have to love you!!! Sure we will always have things we want to change about ourselves, but no matter what "you have to love yourself". I always say "you either like me or you don't, but this is me, and I like me....take it or leave it"
Go do what you do and LOVE YOU!

1 comment:

cinnibonbon said...

One of my favorite post girl!!! I know exactly who I am and it aint always pretty!!! LOL
You rock