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31 Days to Finding Balance

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11 - Priortize

I found this online and I LOVE it!!!

Our journey in life defines exactly who we are. Prioritize your life. Your thoughts are powerful. Create a mental picture of exactly what you want in life. Use this as your "roadmap." Now you can sit down, and create a list of your priorities. Take your time with this. Decide what you can really control in your life. Release the rest

Happy Tuesday!!




This is exactly what I need to do---make a list!! I swear everyone around me makes them...I just can't wrap my head around them..they seem so final...ahhaha weird I know. Are you feeeling better...and YEahhhh we are a third of the way to the end!!!


PS..currently--since having left my job--my cash flow doesn't let me prioritize...ahhaha That's my excuse