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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cheerleading Is Over

My girl got her first trophy!! We had the end of year Beach League banquet last weekend, and Lil was so proud of her trophy!

Now that 31 days is over, what am I going to blog about??

My Christmas shopping is in full swing around here! I love to start early, but I have a problem with not stopping! I can't believe the things that were on the shelves a week ago are already disappearing off the shelves already!! My suggestion to you: If there is a special something that your kiddos want, buy it now!! Two of the things Lil wants I've already bought because I'm scared they won't be on the shelves later.

The hubby is having a "guys" weekend away, so it will be Lily and Mommy time this weekend. Hopefully daddy has a great time away, he deserves it!!!

Happy Hump Day!!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

She is so super cute!!! Way to go on the blog thing btw! I feel like I never do it anymore!


Oh goodness-- she is adorable--LOOK at all that hair....wowy!!!
Christmas?? dang you are so ahead of me!!!
Have fun and have a safe weekend.

Tell your daddy I said Happy Birthday Semper Fi!!!!