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31 Days to Finding Balance

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17 - Don't Take On Too Much

It is hard for many of us to delegate responsibility to others. Whether it is at work or in the home, we become victims of the “I’ll just do it myself” mentality. The result is that we spend too much time focusing on certain aspects of our lives while neglecting others. We quickly forget that everything is a trade-off. Learn to delegate to co-workers, family members and your spouse. Return the favor for them to achieve an even greater balance.
Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!!! I FOR SURE have the "I'll just do it myself" mentality!! Nobody does it the right way but me! Who am I kidding...!!! Seriously, I always load the dishwasher, well, cause I'm the only one in this house that does it right. Really Lori?? What makes my way better?? I have no idea, I just have to get over those things!! Oh lord, the dishwasher is just a start on what I could go on about, but I think I'll ONLY go there!! LOL
Of course that is just a little thing...but I always take on too much. I have to learn to say no once in awhile!!
Are you a victim of the "I'll just do it myself" mentality??



LOL..on the dish washer!!!! At least you do!!!! I've had dishes in mine for about 3 weeks now...I just can't seem to get the stuff out. Same with Laundry--I wash it and fold it but I can't get it in the drawers...too bad I can't have a maid...wooohoooo that's soemthing to write about huh???LOL


But I have to do it all now..mommy's little helper went off to no more delegating for me...hubs is always gone too and those lazy fat cats are of no use...booooo

CINNIBONBON said... inlaws are from Milan, ILL. how close is that too you?