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Monday, February 18, 2008

Nothing Much.....

Nothing much going on, not even photos to share with you! I've been lazy! I am so tired today, to keep myself busy the kids and I have made 2 batches of RiceKrispie treats, I've made a loaf of banana bread, 2 loads of laundry done and now my update. I could not sleep last night, I remember looking at the clock at 3:12 am, ughhhhhh!! I know that it's my own fault, I thought I needed a nap yesterday during the race, well, a quick nap turned into a 3 hour nap!!! I had sworn off Sunday naps just because I no better, but yesterday it was just calling my name!!

Friday night we took Lily to get her 2 year pictures done. Finally!! Well I decided to be cheap (or so I thought), so I made an appt. at Walmart. Never again!!! Number one we had an appt. for 6:30 pm so we got there about 10 mins early and checked in. They were doing one families photos, with another family waiting. We were told it would be awhile, I think we got her photos done a little after 7. Needless to say, the family that was waiting, was a walk-in???? So what the hell did I have an appt. for??? Normally this really doesn't bother me, but you can only keep a 2 year old occupied in Walmart for so long before they get pissed!!! So pictures come, ok, Lily is doing really good, but the backgrounds suck, they just aren't real creative with her. Oh well, I think, I'll just get that cheap 7 dollar deal and add a couple of sheets then we'll go back to Sears. So the 7 dollar deal is the very first photo they take, which is with the number 2. I just think it's gaudy. They're number 2 is tiny then they throw down some curled ribbon. Anyhow, so I go to order the photos I ask how much the sheets are extra. Ok, here's were they get ya... are you ready for this?...20 dollars a sheet. You've got to be effin kidding me!!!!!!! I know at Sears you have to buy like 6 for 7.99 a sheet, then after that they are 2.99 a sheet. So being the sucker that I am, cause I just love photos of my princess, I ordered a package, plus an extra and it cost me 134.00!!!! Dude, I usually spend about 150.00, so it's not really the price, just the fact that if I had gone to Sears like normal, I would have had choices of a ton of backgrounds, a change of clothes, been there for as long as I wanted to get the best shots, got more sheets of photos and I would have only paid 20 bucks more.!!! They did get one really awesome shot of her, close up that I love!!! had it not been for that shot, I probably would have just got the 7.00 dollar deal and gone to Sears. Oh Well, live and learn. I'm done venting now!!!!! I'll share them with you all when they come in. Thanks for listening!!

Saturday was a crazy day for us. We had a Birthday Party for sweet little Delanie who turned 1. We went from the party to go have our taxes done, from having our taxes done to drop Lily off with Jen and Kaylea, then to a Suchecki bowling night. We got home a midnight, and dang I was tired then too!!! (do you see a pattern??)

Looking forward to our tax return, so we can start getting the supplies needed to put a new roof on this Spring.

Not much else going on, I have to close the daycare on Wednesday as I have a 1 year check up with my Oncologist on Wednesday in GR. Don't know why these things make me so nervous???? I've been cancer free for almost 7 years, I'm sure that I'm fine!! We are going to have a little fun though, Lily and my Mom are going with me and after my appt. we are taking Lily to Build a Bear for some new outfits for her bear.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!! Have a great week!!


Faith said...

I hear ya, everytime I go get family pics taken, I think why do I bother with this hassle. Your blog is so cute, I love the princess theme!

Anonymous said...

Lo Lo,

I know how you feel with the nervousness. I will be praying for you!! (I told you, to just skip the damn Wal-Mart and go to Sears :), I would still like a pic please.

Tell my Lily Bug "Her Katy" says hi and I love you!!

Christine said...

I applaud you for evening going to get them done! I just don't even try anymore.

Lisa said...

Holy moley what an ordeal! I would have just left and besides that.. give them a little piece of my mind. You are better than me for sticking it out. I hate Wal-Mart and I don't use that term lightly or very often. Something about Wal-Mart just gets under my skin! I don't shop there unless no where else has the product I'm looking for. I will even pay more somewhere else, just so I don't have to go there. I hope your oncologist appt goes well :)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything went well at the appointment! I'd best be getting a picture of my Bug! Can't wait until the weather breaks and we all feel a little more like traveling. Wish TC and your house weren't so far apart, I miss so much being way up North! Still love the picture of your G-pa and you comparing heads!!!! ;) LOVE YA LOTS! Auntie C