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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Girl Bedding!

My baby got her big girl bedding finally!! It turned out so cute!!! I love the Disco Dot!! She thinks she is such a big girl now!!

This weekend was pretty uneventful for us. I didn't manage to get all I wanted to get done, done but oh well, it'll still be there when I get to it!

We spent Saturday night at Mom and Dad's, we played a little cards, Mom and I stamped and Dad Rob and Lily got to hang out. Nothing exciting but just getting to hang with the family is something I love to do!

If you get the chance, be sure to check out this blog of Wilna. She has a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and she is asking people to make cards and send them out to Lois. This is such a wonderful thing to do! It would only take 10 mins of your time, and will put a smile on Lois' face! Knowing what she's going through, any smile you get it a wonderful thing!!

Here is my card that I made for Lois:

Here are the two lo's that I got done of my peanut!

This last lo was done with the Rainbow Sushi collection over at SIStv. One of our very own Fashionista's Ashley Wren designed this collection and I had so much fun using it for this lo!

Have a great Monday everybody!!


Lisa said...

The bedding is very cute :)
I like the card you did for Lois. I also did one this weekend and am mailing it today. It is so beautiful of Wilna to do that for a friend. Amazing!

Jules said...

Awwwwe she looks so happy! Very ‘big girl’ bedding!

Tracy said...

Ok so seriously...I had NO IDEA you stamp!?!? Where have I been? Lily's bedding is fabulous, such a big girl now!

Bekka said...

Love the bedding! Too cute! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)


All very girly and I love it!!!

Amber Ulmer said...

Lori!! What adorable bedding!! Gosh! If I didn't have to share the room w/my hubs, I would so have some just like it! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!! xoxo

Anna M-W said...

Nice bedding! What a lucky girl!