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Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday!!

Just a quick recap on the dress drama. I'll have you know I did NOT find a dress!! So instead I bought a pair of black cuffed gouchos and black with white stitching jacket and the cutest shoes ever!!!! I mean really, it's all about the shoes right?? Seriously, these are my new favorites!! I do have to tell you that wearing them for 7 hours, dancing, etc. they are NOT comfortable at all!!! Sometimes a girl has to sacrafice!!

When we dropped Lily off at Mom and Dad's for the night, I had Mom snap a quick photo of us to share. Nope you can't really see the outfit or the shoes!

We have once again been hit by a snow storm!!! We didn't leave home at all yesterday except to pick Lily up. The temp here was -1 with a wind chill of -21. I mean come on, enough all ready!!

Nothing much going on this week! Hope to keep it simple!!

Have a great week!


a.l. clark said...

I hear you, we dropped down to -40 with wind chill. Ridiculous. I could barely start my car this morning for work.

Lisa said...

Nice shoes! I'm with ya on the weather. It's +8F above blowing and snowing right now. I'm so ready for break-up!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic. Can I please have a copy of that one? I will hopefully be over soon to drink my soda and eat my meal. Talk to ya later!!

Katy Lady

Anna M-W said...

Those shoes ROCK!

Sharmaine said...

Hey Lori :) Looks like a wonderful time, even though it was CCCCCCold!
Nice NICE shoes!!


You and your family are just too beautiful! Love the picyture and the shoes. I hope you have a fab time.

Debbi said...

Those shoes are HOT HOT HOT. And your hair is fabulous. Hope you had a great time.