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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lily Need A Haircut!!??

Lily had her first "big" girl piggy tails in her hair last week and it was just so darn cute!!! Mind you, about 2 hours later her hair looks like it's been through a war. But it's super cute while it lasts!

Now on to the dilemma, this is what her hair looks like if I do nothing to it!! It is out of control!! She's never had a haircut, and I hate to do it, but.....her hair is always falling in her eyes, it's starting to look like a mullet!!!!! The back is growing so cute, but the sides are not growing as fast. Then the question is, do I want to cut bangs???? I really wanted to let it grow to one length, but she doesn't keep head bands in for long and she tends to rip barrettes out. So what am I to do???? Tell me what you think, I need help deciding!!

Hard to believe it's been a week since I've been here!!! I've just been tired!! Getting old is catching up to me!! I'm still trying to decide on my "word" for the year, I've got a million tax things that need to be done, a house that needs a "really good" cleaning, not to mention a million other things I need to get done, but I just have no motivation! Maybe that should be my word for 2008, motivation!! I'll keep you posted!!

I'll try to do better this week!! Have a good one!!


Sharmaine said...

Ahhh I sooo know the hair thing!!! Persevere :) Our 2 year old (oh my goodness almost 3!!) still takes her hairbands out, I just have to put them back in or let them stay out for a while. Goodluck ;)
Goodluck with the motivation too :)

Jules said...

Awe she is soooo cute! I would just get her bangs cut so their not in her face. Her hair looks so cute in little piggies! Good Luck!

Katy Lady said...

Lo Lo,

Do what you think is best, I think she will be cute as can be whether she has bangs or not.