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Monday, January 7, 2008

All Done!!

Christmas is officially over at the Borntreger household!! Finally, all Christmas decorations are down and put away and the house is clean!! It's a miracle, I didn't think it was ever going to get done!! The only bad part about it all??? Lily can't kiss baby Jesus goodnight, and she doesn't understand why! She's just too darn sweet!

Our weekend was none to exciting. Rob did the brakes on my truck and Lily and I went to a birthday party. Lily had so much fun at Ally's birthday, she got to go swimming!!! She loves to be in the water!! She was completely exhausted!! On the five minute ride home from the party, she passed out!!

I'm hoping this week is full of crafty goodness!!! I NEED to scrap and I miss it, I want to scrap!!!

Not much going on this week. Lily has her last ear check up tomorrow with the ENT. I'm hoping all is well, because I would like to enroll her in swimming lessons soon. I start back to sorority tomorrow night after a break for Christmas. I think we actually have a weekend coming up of nothing going on. (I love those weekends!)

For those of you who read my last post, please continue to pray for Christine and her family, as her husband passed away this weekend. Just heartbreaking news and I'm sure she can use all of the prayers she can get!

I've got to post this week all of the happy mail I've been getting from the Month to Month ATC swap that I'm doing. Everyone's are turning out to Awesome! I'm just trying to decide how to display them, so they aren't stuck in the basement at my craft area, any ideas??

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Jules said...

Thank you for the link to Christine's blog.

Hope all is well with Lily. Have a great week!

Heather said...

Hey Lori
My prayers are out to Christine. Its amazing how her story has touched the lives of SO many.
Glad to hear Lily had fun at the party, we missed you!!
Hopefully we can scrap soon(I need to get some done too!)
I have a clothesline(i think its thinner than that) that goes across the wall in my craft/playroom..i hang my ATC's on that so I can check them out. They add a colorful touch to my walls and make me smile when I walk into the room. Instant creativity!!!
Have a blessed week!!