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Monday, December 3, 2007

Photo Overload!!

First of all, sorry about the way these pictures are, I so have no idea what I'm doing!! Just wanted to share Lily's tree that is in her room. (yes, there is a section of lights out, Daddy has not looked at those yet). She loves having the tree in there, and when she naps or goes to bed, she tells us whether or not she wants it on or off. She is loving having all the decorations up. She loves seeing all the lights when we're driving down the road. Look Mommy, pretties! See that? We here a lot of that!! The only thing she doesn't quite understand is why we have a tree in our living room. We brought it in last night and it's still sitting there with no lights, no nothing! She just can't figure it out! Maybe tomorrow we'll get that done!

We still have plenty to do around here before Christmas: gifts to buy, baking to do, parties to attend, photo's with Santa, Christmas outfit for Lily, ideas needed for gifts, tree to decorate, outside lights to put up.... I swear if it all gets done, it will be a miracle!!!

Lily is saying some of the cutest stuff lately and totally blowing us away!! We always play this game where she says my Daddy and then I say no my Daddy, well tonight she said My Rob of course Rob and I look at each like did you just hear that?? So I asked her who Rob was and she pointed to him!! I could tell you soooo many crazy things she has done lately, where she learns all this I'll never know!!

Hope you all have a great week!!! I've got more photos to post tomorrow of Lily's favorite Christmas decoration. Stay tuned.....

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jess said...

I LOVE lily's tree!!! So cute and girly!!!
Xx Jess