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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Stockings Are Hung...

Lily FINALLY went to see Santa today!!! (nothing like waiting until the last minute huh??) She didn't cry but she was not impressed at all!! She liked Santa until she had to sit on his lap! But at least her photo turned out decent!!

Rob and I finished up our shopping Saturday and even got all the presents wrapped and ready to go last night!! We can finally relax!! We are spending tonight at Mom and Dad's and everyone is coming here tomorrow!!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Christmas!!!!


Heather said...

Hey Lori-
Hope your Christmas with Miss Cutie Pie Lilly is WONDERFUL and magical! The early days fade so fast, take LOTS of pictures and enjoy every minute!!
Lub to you and your family!!


Hey great picture! As you know I'm still in transition, but managed some play time today. I LOVE LOVE your American Christmas tree...I have a living room that is all Americana ( ok I HAD one) LOL. BTW...WOW on the Secret Santa loot!! Lucky girl. Merry Christmas