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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Reason For The Season

Here's our little Princess playing in her room with her Little People Nativity Scene! It's just so darn cute to watch her!! Every night before she goes to bed, she starts with Mommy's nativity scene and she has to kiss Baby Jesus night night, then the sheep, and the camel and sometimes even Mary and Joseph. Then of course we move onto the one in her room, how can you tell a little thing she can't kiss Baby Jesus night night?! You just can't!! Her should hear her say Baby Jesus, it's just the cutest thing ever!!

On other Lily news, today she was having a snack, mini pretzel twists. She came up to me showing me a pretzel and told me it was a heart! Yep, it does look like a heart! What a smarty!! We play on her doodle pro and I draw the shapes and I tell her what they are and make her repeat it, obviously she is listening!! Then last night, her and I always play the game, My Daddy. She'll run up to me and tell me "My Daddy" then run to Daddy and I chase her saying "My Daddy". Well, last night we were doing this, and she said "My Rob". Rob and I both stopped in our tracks and looked at each other like did she really just say that?? I figured that she just said that since she hears me say Rob, so I asked her where Rob was and she pointed right at her Daddy and said "My Rob"!! Dang kid, I guess she really does listen when we think she isn't!! I love all these fun things she does, it seems like each and every day she amazes us!!

It's late and I really need to go to bed, it was a BAD day!!! Seriously a BAD day, maybe tomorrow i'll fill you in......


Magpie said...

What a cute nativity set for kids! Wish they would have had that one when mine were that age!


How cute...But I have to tell you I love love love her little X-mas tree!! So adorable. I'm a bit jealous too!!!! I want one.