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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day Photo Overload!

When Lily woke up on Christmas morning she ran out to the living room and say the presents under the tree she said "mine?" and then "open?"

Let the fun begin!!

As soon as Lily opened her Barbie she immediately started to dance with it! So cute!

Lily got new pink sparkley shoes and of course she had to wear them "right now"

She got a Barbie fishing pole so she can fish with her Daddy when we're camping!

Of course she had to trade the pink shoes for the new boots she got!

All decked out in her new winter attire!

Lily and Auntie Robynn

Just when she thought she was done, the family came over with even more presents!

Auntie Robynn and Uncle Wally bought Lily the Puppy grows and knows your name. Lily loves Abby!!

At the end of the night, Lily wanted Papa to rocky-rocky and about 2 mins into it, she was out!! She was completely exhausted!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lily was way too spoiled, but I guess that's what happens when it's your first Christmas as a Mommy and Daddy! (and Grammy and Papa, and Auntie!)


Lisa said...

Christmas is mostly for the children anyway, right? She's a little darling and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Have a great new year!

Diane Dolan said...

Awwww - so cute. What a fun time it looks like she had. I love the shoes. Thanks for sharing.

Debbi said...

too fun. Makes me wish mine was still little

Shanna said...

Quite possibly the cutest photos ever!!! Love Lily in her beenie and scarf! That's just too cute for words! Happy New Year Borntregers!!! Love ya!

Heather said...

Hey Lori,
Looks like littly Lily had an amazing first Christmas!
Happy New Year to you all. Hopefully we can catch up(can you make the crop on the 5th?)
We're celebrating my Bday!!!
Take care,

This is Me said...

Those are awesome photos! She is seriously a cutie pie...the last one of her and her papa is especially greaat:) I'm glad Christmas was such a success as Mom and Dad (but don't even try to think it will be less abundant next year, you'll just find more stuff she "needs" ;)