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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just a couple of photos before I head off to bed! We had a wonderful Christmas day surrounded by those we love! We had Lily out until 1:00am last night so she slept in until 10:30 am. She really hasn't had any interest with the presents under the tree, well that changed this morning when she woke up and walked into the living room! She was just too cute, she saw her stocking and "wow'ed" then she saw the extra presents under the tree and ran over to it and said "open"! She opened that one, and then wanted to open more! I do have to say that it took about 4 hours to open all of her presents. She had a ball!!

Rob and I did realize tonight that we forgot to give her a present that we had hidden in the basement!!!! Looks like we wait until tomorrow!! Wait until you see the photos!!

More on our Christmas day tomorrow!! Stay tuned......

(Lily's new Christmas jammies that say: I'm the best gift of all) I saw these and couldn't believe how perfect they were!!! Truly she is the VERY best gift of all!!!!

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