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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor Baby Girl!!

I took the princess into the Doctor yesterday because she was wheezing. Seems like every time she gets a cold it goes straight to her chest. So, she's been put on an inhaler twice a day for a week, hopefully that will clear it up. Lily actually likes to do this, she calls it her "peeks". The first time she had to do this was in the emergency room at the beginning of summer and the nurse played peek a boo with her with this, so hence her "peeks"!

I've got almost all of our Christmas decorations up in the house, the only thing left to do is go get our real tree this weekend! Wait, the outside has to be done too. When I'm officially done, I'll post some photos.

The daycare kids all left early, so I think I'm off to take a nap!!! How cool is that!!


Vicki said...

Poor girl! Hope she feels better soon. My daughter has had a rough time with colds this year too.

Ann(i)e said...

ahhhhh...hope she gets feeling better soon!!!

Sharmaine said...

I hope she is better real soon too!
Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Kathy said...

I hope your little one starts feeling better really soon. Nothing is worse than having your babies sick!

Emm's said...

Hi Lori! It's Emma, from SiS & Toys for Tots (I guess I can put it that way, lol!) Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet new scrappers, esp. when they are affiliated with the Marines. I love your blogg, I have just started getting into the blogg thingy so mine needs lot's of work done to it. Your daughter is beautiful, sorry to hear she is not feeling well. Hope she is doing better now. I will bookmark you as well. Please let me know how I can find you on SiS. Have a wonderful day!!


Aww. I hope she gets well soon!!! I'm glad to hear that you've got the Christmas decor under wraps!!