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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today I Am Thankful For.....

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I decided I need to list the things I am thankful for this year. Everyone should do this (in my opinion), even if you don't write it down, do it in your head! Sometimes we take for granted all of the things we should be thankful for.

  • Above all else I am truly thankful for being blessed with the wonderful family I was born into. Not everyone has a relationship with their parents like I do. We've been through a lot, and somehow between all the good and bad, we are closer than ever! I can't imagine my life with out them! It's that whole unconditional love thing, I know that they may not like everything I do, but they always make sure to let me know that I am loved! Thanks Mom and Dad!! I LOVE you both very much!
  • My Sister, she is a piece of work!! Man do I love that girl!! I can tell her or ask her anything and I will get an honest opinion!! She is such a wonderful person, I wish she thought she was as wonderful as I think she is! She has been and always will be the person I seek out in good and bad times!! We have our disagreements, but I hope she knows how much she is loved!
  • Rob-my love of a lifetime! I can honestly say that he is probably the person who I should tell way more often than I do, how much he is loved and appreciated! Without him, who knows where I would be or what I may have become!! I know I am a better person because of him!
  • Our sweet baby Lily!!! She is the reason I am most thankful this year! Rob and I are so lucky to be HER Mommy and Daddy!! I don't think it gets any better than the joy she brings into our life each and every day!! She is our miracle!!! Lily Rene' your Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything in this world!!
  • We are blessed with a GREAT group of friends! I know that the people who come into your life and stay there, they know ALL about you, the good and the bad and yet they choose to still be there time and time again, those are your REAL friends!!! Those friends that build you up and not tear you down, they are hard to find, so when you do, don't let them go!!
For all of you lurkers out there, leave a comment and tell me something you are thankful for!

Ok, kids are waking up from naps, so I guess I have to cut this short. I'll update soon about our super fun weekend away with the girls and Rob's hunting trip.

Wish you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Shalay said...

Your list is so sweet! I am doing something like this, but I think I'm going to post it tomorrow. Such a good idea to take a moment to reflect on what you're thankful for, it really puts things in perspective.


Great list..I really need to work on one. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!!

Shanna said...

I love you girlfriend! Can't wait to move closer so I might actually get to see you more than once every 10years! HA!