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Friday, November 16, 2007

Shopping Here We Come!!

I can't believe it's been 5 days since I've been here!! Not much going really. Just a quick update.

Rob's brother Rick came in on Monday afternoon from California. Rob, Rick and Uncle Wally left Tuesday evening to head North for Deer Hunting. They are meeting Papa, Chuck and Mark who will be there on Wednesday. We haven't seen Rick since we went to Florida for Kelly and Melissa's wedding about 4 years ago (I think). Rick had not seen Lily, so Lily finally got to meet her Uncle Rick! I'm sure Rob and Rick are having a great time catching up and doing the guy thing! They will be home on Sunday at some point. No news from deer camp about any of the men getting deer.

Lily and I, Grammy, and Aunt Robynn are meeting Rita, Danelle and Danelle's two daughters Naomi and Nora at Birch Run Outlet Mall for some serious shopping!! We are leaving early tomorrow morning and staying overnight in Frankenmuth at a Water park hotel for the kids. Many of you must think we are out of our minds for taking 3 kids, 2 under the age of 2 shopping, but let me tell you. It's in their blood!! They've learned from the best (Grammy and Rita)!! We are looking forward to a good time!! We never had a bad time when we're all hangin' out together!!! We'll be back late on Sunday! (oh crap, I just realized I'm gonna miss my football!!)

My excitement for the week of course is courtesy of Lily!! Now, mind you, I've been doing daycare for almost 9 years and no one has EVER swallowed anything funky on my watch. That was until Tuesday when my dear sweet daughter swallowed her hair pretty!! Thank goodness Uncle Rick was here and said it should pass. So we played the waiting game and the next afternoon, we had success!! So now I no longer have to check poopy diapers for a hair pretty!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

PS: I added a few new layouts to my slide show!



Sounds like fun being around all that family. I hope you find something good will you shop!!

shirl said...

hi lori: GREAT BLOG!! i didn't realize how it worked---that you just keep adding on and updating---kindof neat- eliminates a lot of extra stuff that e-mail requires. i'm SOO HAPPY rick is with family,something that is such a huge void in his life. i thank you for showing rick warmth and caring for the time he's there. i know he always admired phil. you didn't mentioned any traditional thanksgiving getogether?? or rob's pie baking thing??
LILLYBUG IS TRULY A LITTLE DOLL!!! it's no wonder everyone is so captivated by her. her halloween costume was just way tooo much!! thank you very much for keeping me posted on all events in your life. i am in a very remote situation. love FL GRAM