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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Football Sunday

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Sundays at our house is always about Football!!! (at least for Lori) How bout' those Lions!!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!! Good to see Kitna scoring me some points in my Fantasy Football league, now if Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson would do the same, life would be great!! Did you see Shaun Rogers make that interception and run in for a TD??? Now that was a sight to see!!

It's been a low key weekend for us, we've done nothing exciting. Some yard work and some housework was about it for us!! Gotta love a weekend when you have nothing to do but chill!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Anna M-W said...

I love those weekends.

Sunday all we do is watch football. We call it "no-shower" Sunday...LOL!

Note to self: Don't show up for the 2008 FF draft, maybe I'll do better.

Anonymous said...

Forget the Lions!! Go with the Seahawks!

It's all about football for me too. I am in a family football pool and am co champion!!