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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank A Veteran Today!!


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Because of our Veterans, America will never lack Heroes
Only for words to express our appreciation!

On This Veterans Day 2007, we come together as a Nation to thank our Veterans for their service and to let them know that their service and sacrifices will never be taken for granted. Americans are blessed to live in a Nation of democracy and freedom. For those blessings we thank our Veterans!
~excerpt from 2007 Veterans Day Message from Acting Secretary Gordon Mansfield, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs


susan opel said...

Thanks for this great reminder today! God bless America and all of our veterans!

Kate said...

Nice to hear from another service wife! My husband is RCMP in Canada and we live in an extremely violent community. That is why I added law enforcement to my message. Too many of them are dying right here at home. FAB songs on your playlist! We may not live in the same country but we have the same concerns in life. And BTW your daughter is an absolute DOLL! Love those precious little curls :0)

Anna M-W said...

Great tribute honey! :)