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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend Fun

We spent Memorial weekend at home this year. We had lots of yard work to do, and we actually got it all done!! I went and bought flowers and got that all done, and I'm even trying to grow some sunflowers this year. Mind you, I am no green thumb, so my guess is, they won't ever sprout!
We spent Friday night at the carnival then the fireworks. Lily had so much fun!! As you will see from the photos, Papa and Grammy joined us and well, no one really exists when Papa is around! He rode almost all of the rides with Lily, I only rode a few. Thank goodness for Papa's cause there was no way my big ole' ass was walking back up the stairs to slide as many times as he did. I only had to ride once!!

Waiting for the firworks


Riding the dragon with Papa and Auntie Robynn

Look Mom, no hands!

Lily was giving a thumbs up to her entourage watching her ride

I don't even know how many times Papa and Lily rode this slide

Gotta love a Papa who will ride in the elephants!!

Watching fireworks. She loves fireworks, she calls them "bams"

We went to the parade on Monday and Lily loved that too!!! She waved to everybody and shook her booty when the bands came!! All in all a great weekend!!

Hope you all had a good weekend too!!


Jenn said...

that looked like a fun carnival!
your daughter is just too cute =)
what a cool grandpa too!

Anna M-W said...

Looks like fun fun fun! Your family is soooo cute!

Have a great weekend babe!

Anna M-W said...
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Sasha said...

Hold up wait a minute, let me send you an AIR FORCE sweatshirt hahaha..kidding boo...but I might just have to do the pics, girl I am trying to grow some sunflowers too, how ironic, and my shyts are not turning out to good hahahahahaha..Ihave no idea what in the world I am doing at all. I know I need to rest girl, but I just dont feel right not doing anything, and I think it is catching up with me .. really love the pic on the slide ..

Greta said...

Looks like a fun weekend!! Great pictures with all the activity and colors.

Auntie C said...

OMG, How cute are these pics!! Bug's getting just too cute! And the Ol Grouch sure looks like she's got him wrapped tightly around her little finger! I just have to find time to get down to see you guys, I'm missing everything. I put the Caddy in the paper today, wish me luck. Then I can get something newer and hopefully with good milage. Sure miss you guy's , I have some photos from Mom's for you, Let me know when you guys are comming up to the river, I have a golf discount coupon fo you. I think it's good until the end of July.


Love love love all your pictures, the family looks great, Lily and Papa look great...but you wearing that MARINES FABULOUSOoooo...rock on girl!!
You all are just so cute together..what a blast it must have been.

Shanna said...

Dang I love catching up on you and your family! Lily is getting so stinkin big! I love your hair Lori! How many KC concerts is that for you now? Remember the John Michael Montgomery one back in the OC days? Tell Rob I still laugh my ass off at him not being able to hold his liquor and puking all over the back of that lady! Good times! I miss you! One of these days I'm gonna hop in the car and come visit!