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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings

It's Tuesday and I'm tired already! I stayed up too late scrapbooking last night, but I had to get this challenge done for Sassy Sasha's Wacky Wednesday challenge, since a new one comes out tomorrow! Sasha comes out with some great ideas, and her journaling is amazing!

We had a super busy weekend!!! Friday night Rob and I went to an all class reunion and stayed out too late, but had a great time!! (maybe a little too much fun for me!)

Saturday we had our annual corn roast! It was hotter than hell all morning while we finished setting up, with rain in the forecast for later. Yep, it rained for awhile, but the party went on! The adults huddled under tents and the kids played in the rain. Lily loved it!! She wouldn't come in out of the rain no matter how hard we tried. By about 6 pm, I would guess, I stopped raining and the rest of the night was great!

Sunday I headed to Michigan Adventure with Robynn, and our friends who came down for the corn roast from Flint. Had a blast!!! We never even made it to the water park, but we road all the roller coasters, got soaked before we went home on a couple of water rides, laughed a lot and enjoyed spending time with them!! Mom and Dad bought me the ticket to get in for my Birthday, so I was able to go! I got to ride my first suspended roller coaster, and I loved it!!

Needless to say, by the time we all got home on Sunday night, we were EXHAUSTED!!!! In bed by 10:30 AND sleeping!!!

School will be starting soon and I'll be losing a few kids to school, so I'm really going to be broke!! The budget is going to kill me!! I had two kids that were going to start when school started, I've known about them since May. Well, guess what???? They aren't coming now!!! I think I better go out looking for a job at night!! UGHH!!!!

Tomorrow night is draft for Fantasy Football!!! I'm so excited!!! I'm ready for some Football!!!!

The kids are all starting to come now, so I must check out for now!!



Hey Boo said...

lovin that LO girl .. love it all .. that turned out soo freakn good .. hee hee .. hey can you email me your mailing address..not sure what I did with it DANG IT .. lolol ...

So you do Fantasy Football too .. lolol .. girl so do I ..

Cricket said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! Great layout!


Julie Ann Shahin said...

Fun layout! I love the dandelions. I'll have to check out her challenges! TFS!

Cassie said...

Yay Fantasy Football!!
We drafted last week!
I can't wait!!!

Heather said...

Such a great layout!!
Hopefully we'll see you the last weekend in Sept? I'm sooo there! We haven't caught up in forever. Talk to your people and see what you can do!!