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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Girls Weekend Away!!

Lily, Grammy and I had a great weekend away!! Rob took us out to the campground and dropped us off on Wednesday night! Just the girls, Woo Hoo!! Auntie Robynn came out on Friday night and stayed with us too. Lily just loves camping, she loves being outside, she loves to play in the dirt, she loves to shovel, she loves to watch the fire!! We spent most of the time relaxing, playing cards, heading to the beach and even a Saturday morning trip to Build a Bear! Rob and Papa came out Saturday night with Pizza and stayed the night too!

Here is my crazy child! We are so lucky the fire pit was not still hot from the night before, cause this is where I found her! She told me that her and her puppy were taking a bath!!

I have NEVER seen my child as dirty in her 2 1/2 years (and this photo just doesn't even show how dirty she really was). She loved every minute of it!!!
Grammy and Lily on the walk to the beach
Of course I had to put her in a tree for a photo
Here we are back at camp with her new Tommy the turtle! She picked out the turtle and wanted him to be a boy! She loves all of her animals from Build a Bear, but Sophie the monkey is her favorite!!
Awww....I just love this photo of Grammy and Lily!!! Lily loves her Grammy!!
Ok, I don't like this photo!! Then again, I don't like ANY photos of myself!!
Nothing better than a sunset over Lake Michigan!!
I've got more photos tomorrow of Lily playing on the beach!! She loved the beach!!!

Lots going on this week!! Meeting some new daycare parents tonight, tomorrow setting up for our annual family corn roast, Thursday night a beauty party, Friday night, an all class reunion, Saturday the corn roast, and Sunday, clean up!!! I need a nap, just thinking about it!!!

Peace Out!!


TracyP said...

Ahhh...I Love Lake Michigan! I was just there Sunday:).. Well actually I was at Michigan Adventure. Close enough though right?? lol
I Love these pictures:) she is such a cutie Lori!!!

Anna M-W said...

You look just like your mom!

I hate pics of me, too!

Looks like a great Girls' Weekend!

Sonja said...

Great pictures!!! It looks like a great time. I didn't know girls were as attracted to dirt as boys, but I'm glad to see it:)

Greta Adams said...

well i LOVe that photo of you two...and that sunset is gorgeous...
i am just making my blog rounds....geeez...i am so behind and not enough time in the day