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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On A Happier Note.....

Lots to say, but just too tired to say!!! So for today I'm just sharing photos of the princess!! She has been hamming it up lately!!! I included a couple of photos of the quilt that Grammy made for Lily's big girl bed. It is so adorable!!! Grammy embroidered on it with her name and such and it all turned out soooo cute!!! Thanks Grammy, we love it and you too!!

Thanks for all of your kind words yesterday, really means a lot!! Much love to ya!!


Cassie said...

Super cute pics!
I love that quilt.
So bright and pretty!!
Sis name: cassie

Dayami said...

Hi Lori,
Thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my blog.
These photos of your little are gorgeous! I LOVE the one where she is smelling the flower.
You can make some gorgeous page with that.
Dayami ;)

Anna M-W said...

Love the one of Lily smelling the flowers.

I am sorry again.

I love you girl!


I love the first one.

Such gusto for life!

She is so beautiful, I love that you share you're photos of your family with us.

BTW..I'm still digging that new avatar over at SIS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)
your little girl definitely looks like a little princess, so cute.


Me loves ya said...

SHE IS ADORABLE girl .. love her pics .. I see some scrappin goodness coming from those .. how are you feeling sweets after the loss of your dog .. I know that is hard boo bear .. sorry to hear that girl..I just blew you a kiss..did ya catch it?

love ya

Tracy Dorton said...

Hey there! It's not too late to send a card. I'm postponing my trip, as she has a lot on her plate with Clay's condition. I was going to send out a package of cards to her tomorrow, but I will wait until yours arrives!

Thank you!

Shanna said...

Look how big and cute the princess is getting! Crazy!