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Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet Sophie!

We had so much fun with Lily at Build a Bear. She got to pick out the animal of her choice and go to town! She picked Monkey and she is soo cute! So now this will be our tradition for Gotcha Day, we will go to Build a Bear every year!

Monkey is getting stuffed! (Lily wasn't so sure about the noise, but didn't want to leave Monkey)

Kissing the heart that gets sewed inside Monkey

What ya doin' monkey? About this time when Lily was checking out Monkey, she stood back up and announced to all around her that Monkey had boogers! The inside of the Monkey's nose is darker that than the outside. I laughed so hard, I probably started something terrible. I hate to see boogies in Lily's nose, so I HAVE to get them!! She'll tell ya that Mommy pick noses, not Lily!

The first thing she did was give Monkey a kiss

Monkey gets a bath and a brushing

A girl after her Mommies heart! She went straight to the clothes to pick out stuff.

Monkey needs these shoes Mommy!! (yep, she's all mine)LOL!!

Monkey's new outfit

Meet Sophie!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!


Jules said...

Oh so cute! What an adorable kid!

amytangerine said...

love build a bear!
looks like she had a blast!

maz said...

What a lovely story- Gotcha day sounds like a great tradition! Congrats to you all...


oh good for her!!! I love that she made her kiss wish.. I'll have to show you some pics of my kid doing that...although she was way older..LOL..we gotta spoil them right..that's what mommies are for!!! Great pics

Anonymous said...

OMG girl...what a little wheatheart(daniel's way of saying sweetheart)
I love build a bear. We did this a year or so ago, and I can't wait to build our next one.
Sounds like your "gotcha day" was awesome!!!
Hugs to you

Sharmaine said...

Oh how gorgeous!!!
Love how inquisitive she is!!

Auntie C said...

Tell Lily that Aunt Carrie likes the outfit she picked out for Sophie. Lily needs to tell Mommy to pick posies, not NOSIES! Love to both of you! OXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

how cute. I think Ethan needs one. I'm looking in to it. Thanks!

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Shanna said...

OMIHEAVENS GIRL! LOVE HER! LOVE THE MONKEY! My girls LOVE Build A Bear too! How can you not????

Anna M-W said...

So so so so cute!