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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Princess

Finally a few photos of Lily in her Easter dress!! She looked like such a little princess!! She was dancing in the full length mirror and saying "hi princess", of course those photos did not turn out! I've decided that this dress will be so cute this summer out in the grass, barefoot and with her fairy wings on. I'm going t make a point to get photos!!

Snow an Easter?? I mean seriously, enough is enough already!! Can we please have spring!!?? I at least had to take a few photos outside, even though it was COLD!! My child really should have had a coat and hat on, but sometimes you have to be cold for photos!!
Love his photo of Lily and her Daddy!!! She wanted nothing to do with being held onto either, she wanted to play in the snow!

We haven't gotten any results back from Lily's blood tests or her X-rays, hopefully soon we will know something, but no news is good news in my book! For those of you that I worried, I probably should have explained a little more why she had these tests done. The reason she had her tests is only because she is so little. She is a tiny little peanut, she is 26 months and is only 21 pounds 4 oz and she is 31 1/4 inches tall. The child isn't even on the charts yet! Now mind you her birth parents are only 5'2 and 5'3, so I believe she is going to be small, but the Dr. just wants to check everything out. I'll keep you all posted!

Not much going on here, just waiting to get Rob's suburban back from the shop. We haven't driven his truck since before Christmas!! His truck should be back any day now, we had to have the transmission worked on, UGH!!!! Paying out all that money is just no fun!!! Oh well, what do you do?? It had to be done!!

Happy Tuesday!!


Lisa said...

She is very princess like, how cute!


Aww...that's a sweet dress. I love little grls!!! She is a beauty!!!!
I hope all those test show up negative and all is well with your little princess!!!

scrapnic72 said...

She looks so very precious...and how fun that the snow on Easter didn't bother her one bit! I'm praying for good test results....look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Anna M-W said...

Great pics! I hope Lily's tests go well! Hope all is well with you!


Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful little girl :)

as for height - my little one is pretty short - as as her parents and grandma.. she was 36" by her 3rd birthday :) hope the tests show nothign and she's a little pixie fairy :)

Anonymous said...

I have a great friend named Ruby that could do some awesome pics this summer of My Lily Bug. lol

You have her # just give her a call sometime!!

Ariza said...

This is great info to know.