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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister!!!

A Big Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister today!!! Gone are the days when she would wait by the door with those LONG pigtails, waiting for me to get home from school, and yelling "SSSSIIISSSYY" with a big hug. Gone are the days when she drove me crazy (well, most of the time), but not gone are all of the wonderful memories of ALL of the crazy things we've done and shared!!!! Sometimes we took each other for granted and we've had our spats, our all out wars....but through it all, we always knew we had each others backs (sometimes we just forgot for a minute or two). I can't imagine not having my CRAZY, LOUD, IN YOUR FACE, TELL IT LIKE IT IS, BE THERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT, Sister!!! I LOVE YOU ROBYNN ELLEN, and I'm so proud you are my baby sister!!!!

The photo above was taken by my BFF Jodie in October of 2010. Robynn and I had a mini photo shoot so we could make a collage of photos for our Mom and Dad for Christmas. Now I can actually share some of those photos.

Here is my Week 5 Photo for Project 52. This photo is the after effects of our "Blizzard 2011" Yes, we got that much snow pretty much overnight!! I've been back here for almost 14 years, and I still love the snow!!!

Lil and I have been spending my days off at Grammy's house getting crafty. Lil would move in with Grammy and Papa if we would let her. I just keep telling her it's way more fun to visit, cause they aren't as much fun when you live with them!!! LOL!!!

Hopefully you are all ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow??!! We are hanging out at Grammy and Papa's for the day (imagine that). Looking forward to a good game!!!



Marbarfost said...

ooohhhh you girls are so beautiful!!! Love this picture....I wish my sister lived closer. Maybe I'll get to see her soon.
Great 52 picture too.


Sorry from marbarfost--is me cinnibonbon...well it's hubs, I had no idea he was logged on!!