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Friday, September 30, 2011

Here I Go.....

I CAN DO THIS!!!! (I must keep telling myself this) I'm joining in over at Nesting Place on their 31 days of change!! (Geez, this starts tomorrow, I better get busy) Thanks to my lovely friend Luz for leading me to the Nesting Place and to join her on this journey!! We've got this girl!!

You are all invited to join in! Here's the deal: You commit to blogging on a topic of your choice for 31 days. (I CAN DO THIS....have I mentioned I haven't blogged since Feb., and have NEVER blogged 31 days in a row....oh boy...)

I'm going to be blogging about Balance. The balance of life with a 5 year old who is now in Kindergarten, married life, work, mommy time, time for the two most important people in the world, and how in the world I don't screw it up!! This could get serious ya'll!!!

Enough for now...I must go figure out all of the other things I need to do!!!


1 comment:

cinnibonbon said...

Ahh sweets you're the best!! Thanks for joing me in this!! I think you picked a wonderful topic!!!!
I'll buy you dinner now---wait wait..I'll send you a gift card for dinner when this is over!!!
I'm pretty sure we got in over our heades but who cares....lets live it up..I'm with you all the way baby!!! Don't forget to link up to the Nesters linky party tomorrow!!