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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Got Crafty!!!

I had the day off yesterday and Lil and I went to Grammy's and got crafty! I worked on Valentine's Day cards for the daycare kiddos. I haven't made cards in sooooooo long, it was good to do it again!! Lil and I are going back to Grammy's on Friday to do it again!!
Here is my week 4, 52 Week photo. I took a different one, but for some damn reason that photo will not come off of my memory card, so I took another last night. Here I am will ALL of my gray hair!!! I am WAY to young to have so much gray, not to mention that my hair grows so fast!! I don't get my hair done until the 12th, I'm thinking I better not wait so long next time, cause this is NOT GOOD!!! I have to wear my hair up everyday, just to try and hide this crap!!!
This photo is also for the 52 week project, it is a white space challenge. I used a scrapbooking transparency, and took a photo of my favorite socks!!

Not much else going on here, snow day today. Nobody's working, and I have no daycare kiddos at the moment either. The snow is beautiful, we've got 15 inches outside my front door, with some crazy drifts. I'll try to get those photos up later.

I still need to get some of Lil's B-day photos up too!!!

Hope you are all warm and safe!!


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