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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Do Not Have A Green Thumb!!!

I'll admit it, I'm not good with flowers! I love to go and buy them and plant them and put up hanging baskets and make the outside of our house look pretty....I go with the standard easy care kind ya know! Anyhow, I always put 3 fuschia hanging baskets in my front windows. They usually do great until I go on vacation in July and people forget to water them, but I've only had these damn things for 2 1/2 weeks and one is dying??? WTH?? I bought them all at the same time, from the same place and they are hanging in the same place, getting the same sun, being watered at the same time... so.... how can one be dying????? Anyone?? Can you tell I'm a little irritated??? I did some research and It's possible that I over watered it, but why aren't the other ones dying?? I use Miracle Grow and it has always done wonders for my plants, but I guess not this time. It also said if I did over water it, it probably won't come back, so I haven't watered it in like 4 days and it's not looking any better. I give up, I think I need to buy another hanging basket! Damn!!! Ok, rant over!!

I have been waiting to put Lily in her cute outfits I bought her in February and it's finally warm enough!! She looks so adorable!!! Sorry about the bad photo!!

I was in bed at 8:30 last night, I've got ANOTHER cold!! Let me tell ya, daycare at home makes for germs and sickness everywhere!! I have this dry hacking cough that just wouldn't stop last night so I drugged myself up with some cough medicine and some advil pm and crashed for the night. So far today I feel pretty good, let's hope I'm on the mend!! Nothing worse than a cold and cough when it's finally getting nice outside!!

We've had some very humid weather the last two day and rain. I know we need the rain, but we've had like 4 days and more to come! I need sun in my life, otherwise I get a little crabby!!

It's almost the weekend, YAY!!! We have another weekend of staying home and hopefully getting some work done planned!


Anna M-W said...

Screw the plants and buy more clothes for Lily! She is too damn cute - I can't stand it!

I am so sorry you don't feel well. Rest up and stay inside!

It was a BEAUTIFUL (NOT!) HUMID 97 degrees here today! UGH! This the time of year I ask myself why the hell do I live in Florida?

Aimee said...

girl... if you kill everything, you've gotta try succulents! they don't die and they come back every year and some of them even bloom. :) (i know from experience)


Oooooo I don't about those succulents either!!! I've killed those too and not on purpose...girl you are doing so far better than I, if you can keep a plant alive for more than a day. LOL

Oh my goodness your little Lily is growing up right in front of my eyes. She is just beautiful and really she's got some amazing threads, I'm a bit envious!!!
Have a great weekend girl.
BTW, I've been reading your bloggy, but not posting, since I can't post from work, but now I gotta play catch up!!!

scrappermimi said...

Sorry about your plant, I don't have a green thumb either so I feel your pain.

Your daughter looks adorable! Hope you are feeling a bit better!

PetiteCheri said...

Your DD looks darling! I am so sorry to hear that you are under the weather! Take care and get well soon!