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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Give a Man a Chainsaw......

We had a wind storm the Sunday night of Memorial Weekend and a branch off of our tree in the backyard broke and landed on our roof. There was no damage to our roof on the house, just the back patio roof. The problem was trying to figure out how to take it down without completely trashing the back patio roof, cause the branch was partialy attached. So put my Hubby, my Dad and my BIL in my backyard with two chainsaws and yep, they got it down! Now mind you, some of the things they were doing, they had no business doing with chainsaws in their hands, seriously somebody could have gotten seriously hurt!!! Not to mention give my Dad a chainsaw and he'll remove every tree he can see! So not only did they trim the tree with the issues, but a few others too!!

The branch on our roof

Ladders, Straps, Chain Saws. Now look closely, if my hubby slipped with that chain saw, my Dad would have some serious problems. DUH!! Not to mention, my hubby is standing on a door across the patio roof, cause it's not meant to stand on!! HELLO!!

I mean seriously, how safe does this look to you??

I had to go in the house, I just couldn't watch anymore!!

Actually, I think this is what sent me in the house!!

Well, they got if off the roof with minimal damage to the patio roof!

Now after I've been in the house for awhile, I go back out to see what they are doing, and look what I find, my Dad up HIGH in the tree, with a chainsaw, tied to the tree with a rope.
Hello, dude, you are not a spring chicken anymore, what the hell are you doing???

Good God, somebody get my Dad out of the damn tree!!
Thank the lord, he is finally getting down!!

So somehow, amazingly enough, no one was hurt, not counting the scratches and scrapes!!
Thanks Dad and Wally for helping Rob out!!


PetiteCheri said...

Oh my gosh! I love how you chronicled the whole event through pictures. It was almost like being there. I am glad that they were able to get the limb off the roof without someone ending up in the ER! LOL

NancyJones said...

Oh Jesus God Men are so stupid. I would have had the ambulance waiting in the front yard cuz there would have been something severed and not the tree if it had been at our house.. cuz well that is how our family ussually ends up.
YOu always know a redneck is goin to the ER when they say HERE hold my drink or hey yall watch this...

Im glad they did get it off the roof without anyone getting hurt. MY GOD that is terrifying to look at.

Anna M-W said...

I would have totally shit my pants if I saw Mark doing that. Good thing you went inside.

Good thing no one was hurt and there was not too much damage to your house!

Lisa said...

OMG! I'm glad there was no blood! I was imagining blood.. Those crazy guys. Don't they know there are men with bucket truck for that! I'm glad they are safe now and everyone is ok.


This is beyond coocoonuts!!!
Girl, I would so pee my pants to walk out the front door and witness all that mayham up close.
Oh what lucky lives the men in your family lead!!!!

Auntie C said...

Okay Lolo, Tell my BIL to keep out of the trees! We need to keep hime away from snowblowers and chainsaws. Talk about giving me nightmares!!! Lucky Tom wasn't there to supervise...LOL! I don't think my poor ol heart could take it!