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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maybe, Just Maybe....

Maybe, I'll start to blog again..just maybe.

Hubby headed out for some deer hunting with the family for the weekend. So it's girl time!!!

A few lovely ladies will be joining me tomorrow for some scrap time, and maybe a few drinks too. I think I'm going to jump on the December Daily bandwagon. That will be my project for tomorrow night. Lets hope I can find some creativity, wish me luck!!!

Saturday, Lil and I may put up some outside Christmas decorations if the weather cooperates!! We'll get everything but the roof done, then daddy can do the roof while we watch from inside the warm house!! Then Saturday night, it's time to get all of this gray hair covered and this mop cut, it's just crazy how fast my hair grows, so I think I'm going to go darker this time, we'll see!! I'm so easy going, that I'll just let Sarah do her thing!! Can't wait!! I'm sure Saturday night will include some Grammy time too!!

See, so exciting.....NOT!! I'll share some photos soon!!

Have a great weekend!!!




YEah hhha!! You just made my day- I'd love nothing more than for you to start blogging again. I've missed--FB isn't the same to me!!! hehe
Ok I want to come for scraptime and drinks--please?

And yeap--I was thinking about hopping on the December Daily wagon. I want to make the book before December actually gets here!! Wish me luck.LOLL

Ohhh --Christmas decorating---that will be good.


Are you back for sure today??? hehehe