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Monday, March 1, 2010

Can you believe it?????

Yes, I'm alive and well. I thought I would shock you all and blog for a change! It's really hard to blog when you honestly don't have anything exciting to blog about. Cause ya know, my life is rather boring!!!

What's new with us???? I guess the biggest and most important thing that has happened since I blogged last, Rob has a job!!! Woo Hoo!!! He has been working since January, and life is now much easier!!! We have learned a lot about the things we can live with out and the things we wasted our money on before. No more for us, we are changed people!!! We have no credit cards, we are out of debt and we plan on staying that way!!! Rob is loving his job, great people, great company!!! I know he is glad to be back to work!!

As for me, well, same old, same old. Daycare is keeping me plenty busy, I've got great kids, who on occasion, make me totally insane!! But I love them anyway!!! I haven't done much scrapping or crafting, I just haven't found the time. Well....let me rephase that, I've become VERY lazy lately and sleep and doing nothing have sounded better. I think it's just the weather...I need sun in my life and we haven't had much of that lately!! Although today is bright and sunny and I'm feeling great!! Not to mention that Facebook is seriously addicting!!! I'm trying to do better about being on there!!

Our foster daughter whom we've had since September, is officialy living with her adoptive parents. She is VERY loved and has great parents, and I know she is going to have a wonderful life!!! We are looking forward to watching her grow, as her adoptive parents have said we can still see her and such!! We've now had our last two foster placements result in happy endings, and WOW does that make our job as foster parents so much better!! I'm sure after the happy endings our next placement will be all out hell!! Oh well, we take the good with the bad and just hope the best for all of "our" kids!!

As for Lily, she turned 4 at the end of January. I was really hoping that when she turned 4 she would snap out of her naughtiness, but not so much!! Three was not any fun, and I can see 4 is going to be great too!! No really, she really is a angel baby about 80% of the time, but you better run like hell for the other 20%. She can be UGLY!!! (yes, i'm told she may have gotten that me, and that I probably deserve it all for the hell I put my Mom through) We have started a responsibility chart for Lily, and she is actually improving. She has things she has to do each day to earn her smilies. At the end of the week, she earns a quarter for each smilie (side note, Lil who is supposed to be resting, just appeared and as I told her back to her room, she says, I just need to hug you's a good thing she's cute) Anyhow...for each smilie she doesn't earn, she owes me a quarter. At the end of the week, we pay her out. She gets half of the money to her piggy bank, then the other half we divide in two and she puts half of that into her spend jar, and the other half into her give back jar. It's been hard for her to understand the give back jar, but I think she's finally got it!! There is one smilie she has had the most trouble with, and that would be the "keeping her hands to herself", I think she only earned 3 of those last week. We'll get there I'm sure!!! Her things she has to do each day are: Get dressed, Make her bed, brush her teeth, keep her hands and feet to herself, say please and thank you, and clean her room every night before bed. We've only been at this for 3 weeks, so hopefully we will continue to see improvement!! In other Lily news, she is loving her dance class and looks forward to going each week!! She also loves that Papa or Grammy pick her up to take her and most of the time, she goes to their house afterwards. We are so lucky to have Papa and Grammy to help out!! We would have had to take her out of dance, had they not been able to help us out since Rob got a job. Thank you Papa and Grammy, you a loved and appreciated soooooooo much!!

I don't even know what else to say, cause this post is just a lot of ramblings....I'll TRY to do better, then maybe my posts won't be all over the place!!


TracyP said...

Awww... Congrats for your DH new Jay-O-Bee!!! How exciting! Yeah age 4 will be better!!! I almost guarantee it.. Almost;)LOL
I think Spring is on it's way:) it's suppose to be 40 today! Hopefully it goes a little West and hits you too:)

Greta Adams said...

thank god he has job.... that is great friend is job hunting right now and it hasn't been so good for her...

age 4 is so much better...just give her a few months....5 is good...6...ummm maybe not so much because they really start learning to talk back worse than they did before... i am have one going on 8 here in a few months far so good... LOL


Oh shit girl!!!
I'm thrilled you're here.
First...I don't grasp the concept of the "give back jar" either and I'm 43!!! no likie, I would making sure I earn every quarter!!!hehehe.
That's a great thing that you''ve got her on some sortof award system.
Second...who cares what you blog about as long as you blog!!!!! I've missed having you around, I know you are on FB but that place drives me nuts!
Glad you are back...please stay!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Happy Mother's Day--

Miss you a whole bunches girl!!!!


Hey!!! Miss you a whole bunch

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Will you come back??? sniff sniff sniff