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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve!!

Just a picture to share with you. We had to get a picture before all the fun tomorrow! Trying to get this child to sit still long enough for a picture is CRAZY!! It takes 20 to get 1 good one!! I think it's time for a new camera!!

Tonight we have to put on Lily's costume and make sure all is well for tomorrow!!! I made her antenna's for her Lady Bug today, they look like hell, but oh well. (couldn't find any at the dang store!!).

Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow!!


scrapnic72 said...


I'm so glad to find your blog! I'm so sorry you can't make it this weekend....we'll save some fun for you! What a precious little girl you have....makes me want to have a few more!


Heather said...

Love that pic of Lily!
Hope her Halloween night is filled with happiness(when Daniel was her age, he cried through the whole process!)
Have fun tonight!!!

Katy Lady said...

What a cute pic of Lily, she looks so grown. Please send me a pic of her in her costume if you could.

Anonymous said...

Lily is getting so big .....she is adorable....I love your blog..good job....