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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Family Update

Just want to give you all an update on our lives recently:

Rob is doing well, keeping busy at work and getting ready for hunting season!! We are looking forward to a visit from Rob's brother, Rick. He is coming out to deer hunt with Rob and the rest of the boys. Rob was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and his blood sugar is making its way down closer and closer to normal range!! YAY!! Now he gets to meet with a dietitian tomorrow. Then the real fun begins!!

Lily is doing awesome!!! She is growing (ok, maybe not in size but in personality for sure) by leaps and bounds!! She is talking up a storm, her new favorite words are: Bobin (Robynn), Trick or Treat, Happy (from Happy and You Know It), Dark and Light (she likes to play with the light switches), Dude, Book, there are just too many to list. Her favorite things to do are sing songs, have books read to her, play with her babies, and go see her Papa and Grammy!! Rob and I really don't exist when Papa and Grammy are around! Lily is so much fun, everyday brings something new!!

As for me, same old, same old!! I try to scap when I can. (I've met some great ladies over at If you're a scrapbooker, you should check it out!! I've even got to go scrap with them for a Saturday, so much fun!! Daycare is going great. It's nice to be back down to less kids after the summer! I've decided I won't stop doing daycare until our little princess goes to Kindergarten. I'm just having too much fun with her!!

Rob and I got to spend some time with our friends this past weekend for a Halloween Poker Run. We had a great time, costumes and all!! I'll get the pictures up soon! We are looking forward to taking Lily Trick or Treating on Wednesday. This year she will be able to walk some of the way and carry her bucket. I'm sure she will be the cutest little Lady Bug around!!

Hope you all have a great Halloween!!

Here is a picture I took of Lily tonight!

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Shanna said...

Wooooot!!! Woooooot! I wondered how long until you came around on the blog thang! So glad to see this! You have no idea! Looks great girl! Hi Rob & Lilybug!