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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Back........

Since I've got nothing better to do with my time, heck, I guess I'll blog!!!

What's new????? Lots and lots to share.

First off, we are without power and I'm typing this from my sister's house. We had some straight line winds come in yesterday, and we lost power about 19 hours ago, and according to the power company we're looking at power again Wednesday night about 11 pm. Hello people, I need to work!!! I can't really run a daycare with no power, cause for us, that means no water, along with no power!! We didn't have any damage to our home, but 2 miles down the road it's a MESS!!! Fruitport was CRAZY!!! So many trees down, power lines, trees on houses, it was unbelievable!!!! We drove through last night and I was just shocked!!!! Now they aren't letting anyone through the village!! So we can only hope for power before Wednesday!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

We are heading to the Big D this weekend to see a Tigers game!! Lily will get to her first baseball game!! We are going with the whole family, Mom and Dad, Robynn and Wally and us. We are really looking forward to the game, and the visit we will have with our dear friend the "Jones'" No one told me that going to a baseball game was so expensive!!!! Not to mention Lily's ticket was as much as ours!!!

Next weekend I will be heading back to Big D to see Kenny Chesney!!!!!! I know, I know, YES, I've seen him a million times, but I just can't get enough!!!! Jodie got us tickets from the casino, so this is an all expenses paid trip, minus the gas money!! We are staying at the casino, and I'm sure fun will be had!!! Thanks Jod!!!!

What else is knew??? Ummmm, well our sweet foster daughter is now living HAPPILY with her Mommy and Daddy and her two brothers and we know she is extremely happy!!! Her Mommy came to Michigan to get to know B and she is just awesome, and we have totally made her a family member now!!!! It's great to know that there are happy endings, and we are happy to have been a part of that!!! Someday, I will share photos of the sweet little B and her family, just know B is a happy girl surrounded by so much love and will have a wonderful life!!!! Love you B and Lisa!!!

Lily is doing wonderful, she is becoming such a lady!! We will be signing her up for dance next week!! I'm so excited!!! Lil has totally enjoyed the summer, we have camped for 10 days by the beach, swam in Auntie Wendy and Auntie Heather's pool, spent lots of time with Grammy and Papa, and loves being outside!!! She is our little dirt troll!!!! I'll be sure to put photos up once our power gets back up!!!

Hope all is well with my blog land family!!!! (Luz, are you impressed, that I'm here???)



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for U being back!!! HOPE your power comes up soon!!! And HOW fun U get see to Kenny!!!!!!! And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that your foster daughter is happy with her family!! THAT'S AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):)


Hot Damn--of course I'm impressed!!!

But big, big bummer on that power outage--plus no water? Yikes!

But at least you an great spirits. Man girl--I miss you a whole bunch. I know I see you on FB, but I just can' seem to get into the mess of that!!! LOL. I think it has plenty to do with my super slow computer!

I'm thrilled you all are doing well and all those family activities--i'm envious- since taking on a new job I've had time for almost nothing!

Ok sweets--xoxoxo. Let's chat soon.

Shell said...

saying a little prayer!
congrats on the family!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I feel like a jerk. I didn't know you did a new post. So 14 days later I am commenting! Lori you are so awesome. You and your whole family. It was an honor and a pleasure getting to know you. I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you did for B, and for me. I hope that you had a blast seeing Kenny! Blog more often girl!