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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're on our way!!!


We are so ready for vacation!! We are leaving tomorrow sometime before noon!! It's now almost midnight, and I think we're almost done packing! We spent the evening make 3 stops to pick up enough kayaks so the whole family can go together instead of going in shifts, loaded up the camper, bank, groceries, and picked up the house all since about 7 pm. Not to mention we had some serious storms and did all of this is in the rain!! UGHH!!! Never fails!!!

Lots to do in the morning: Lily has to go to the Dr. at 9:30, then drop Lily off to my Mom so she can go have lunch with Grammy and some of her co workers, finish picking up house, load bathroom stuff, hook up the camper and GO!!! Mom and Dad are bringing up Lily with them so Rob and I can get the trailer set up and everything done and not chase Lily away from the water.

Seriously, it's been a day from HELL!!!! Crazy kids freaking out from the storm, inconsiderate daycare parents (don't even get me going on this one!!!!), a Princess that REALLY needed her beauty sleep so she would stop whining!! (Nothing I hate more than whining), all I can say is I NEED A COORS LIGHT!!!!!

I know I'm rambling, it's time for me to check out!!

Be back in a week and a half!!!

Much Love!!


Anna M-W said...

Yay! Vacation!

Have a great time and I hope you get SOME drinks in you soon!



Hope yo ur vacay is going wonderfully...or that at least you got a Coor's!!!!!! Be safe girl